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Planning your estate is an important step to take to ensure that your family, friends, and loved ones have a clear understanding of how your estate will be handled once you are no longer with them. Whether you realize it or not, the way you execute your estate can cause serious issues for your family when it comes time to sort through your wishes and work through your plans. Something as simple as a single unclear sentence, or a seemingly innocuous detail that you omitted, either on purpose or by accident, can cause serious problems for your family. 

While it may seem simple enough to find estate forms on the internet, fill in the blanks, and move on with your life with peace of mind, this is most certainly not the case. Your estate, whether you have significant financial assets or not, must be perfectly clear and in adherence with Washington laws so it can be executed smoothly. To make sure that your estate will avoid confusion, arguments, and the possibility of your assets being distributed in a way that you did not intend, it is extremely important that you work with an estate planning attorney. There are many parts of an estate that must be written in exact accordance with your circumstances, and the best way to ensure that this happens is to work with a professional.

What Is Estate Planning? 

Your estate is everything that you own, from bank accounts to property, as well as your personal possessions and retirement funds. In many cases, an individual’s estate is fairly complicated even if their life seems to be relatively simple, meaning that as they are planning on how to distribute their estate to family and loved ones that they leave behind. In its simplest form, estate planning entails writing very clear, and legally binding, instructions on what to do with your estate. 

While this may seem easy enough, there are a lot of different parts of estate planning that you will need to understand and will need to make sure that each stipulation and decision that you make and insert into your estate plan is legally binding and clear. Unfortunately, confusing or unclear wills can cause serious problems for families after the loss of a parent.

Writing a Will

Your will, or “last will and testament,” lays out the legal guidelines for how you want your assets distributed and your property allocated. Any property or assets that are not addressed in your will may ultimately be a source of disagreement and contention between those that you leave behind, so it is important that your will goes into detail about everything that will need to be distributed after your death. Your heirs will be able to use your will to determine how to handle your affairs, take responsibility for any minor children or dependents or pets, allocate your assets and property, and make sure that everyone is addressed as you wish.

If you do not leave behind a will, it is likely that the government or the courts will ultimately decide how your assets will be distributed, which is typically a poor outcome for everyone involved. The best way to avoid future conflict is to work with an attorney who is experienced in writing wills and ensuring that they are clear, comprehensive, and adhere to the legal requirements of estate planning in Everett, Washington.

Developing a Trust

In some cases, you may determine that an appropriate step to take is to arrange a trust in order to ensure that your property and assets are properly managed for your beneficiaries. A trust is typically managed by an individual or group known as trustees, who hold the titles to the properties or assets to best benefit those who you have determined to be beneficiaries of the trust, such as children, grandchildren, and other loved ones.

By choosing to arrange a trust, you can take complete control over how and when your assets are distributed to the beneficiaries and can entrust the executor with maintaining your legacy in ways that a will would not necessarily make certain. In addition, a trust may protect certain assets or investments so that they remain productive or beneficial in a way that a will also would not be able to ensure, such as leaving a financial professional in charge of income-generating assets. Typically, a trust means that your beneficiaries will have access to your assets sooner than they would if you only left a will.

Designating a Power of Attorney 

In addition to writing a will and arranging a trust, you will also need to consider who will take your power of attorney when you are no longer able to make decisions on your own. The person or the organization that you choose to take the power of attorney for you will have complete control over your legal concerns, so it is important that you are exceptionally clear with your expectations of their actions, and that you trust this party to act on behalf of your best interests and your beneficiaries’ best interests.

Determining who will have power of attorney is a step that you should take when you are of sound mind, and that their expectations are made clear when you make this decision. This big step is something that Ken Schneider can help you with to make sure that you are leaving your family and loved ones with the best possible support when you are no longer able to provide for them in your current capacity.

Why Estate Planning Is So Important

Estate planning avoids conflict: Planning your estate is essentially the way that you will ensure that you have control over your legacy when you have departed. In addition, by leaving a clear will, trust, and/or power of attorney will mean that you are helping those that you leave behind navigate your wishes clearly and simply and avoiding conflict at the same time. 

A strong estate reduces tax burdens: A well-executed estate will leave your beneficiaries with the smallest possible tax burden. Inheritance taxes can account for a significant amount of money that you wanted to go to your loved ones and will instead end up in the pockets of the Internal Revenue Service if you do not work to ensure that your transfer goes smoothly and with minimal tax obligations attached to them. With the help of an Everett estate planning attorney, you can make sure that your loved ones get what they deserve, and that you minimize the potentially enormous tax obligations that come with inheritances in the United States.

Estates give you control over your assets: Properly planning your estate gives YOU the control that you deserve over your own assets and properties and ensures that the people who benefit from your hard work and legacy are the people that deserve to benefit from it because of your wishes. You have worked hard for your wealth, assets, and properties no matter how substantial or relatively small they may be, and it is therefore understandable that you do not want matters of your assets to be determined by people who do not have your wishes or best interests in mind. 


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